antara aku, kau dan dia part 12 solitude of ocean depth

Salah satu OST favorit saya dan terkadang masih juga memutar ini..

Solitude Of Ocean Depth..

Teach me sadness……

“If you closed your eyes, you won’t gaze into sadness.”
“If you forget the feeling of warmth, you won’t feel pain.”

I can’t recall that gentle voice
In the depths of my mourning heart.

Someone is calling me from my forgetten past,
Asking me when I will take sorrow into my hands again.
At this moment that will never come twice,
You are all I can see.

A little ship glitters silently in the distant, alone.
Swept away by a torrent of grief, it disappears under the waves of my heart.

Why do I search the ocean depths aimlessly,
For the warmth that I should not have known.

Swaying with the ripples, the ship of life sails on.
Though no stars can be seen, it overcomes waves and advances on.
Beyond the darkness,
You are all I can see.

The waves that we saw are flowing towards serenity,
Flowing to the kindness that disappeared underwater.

I know that there’s a future where we will love each other.
Until I take the sorrow back into my hands again,
At this moment that will never come twice,
You are all I can see.

# diambil dari
# kesedihan itu salah satu bagian dari kehidupan dan harus sedih memang ketika orang lain berbuat salah, tapi kita ikut kecipratan hasilnya hingga saat ini dan yang akan datang.
# so, think first before you act.
# gak semua orang di dunia ini baik, meskipun itu anggota keluarga kita sendiri jadi jangan terlalu membanggakan keturunan.

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