antara aku, kau dan dia part 7 (deduction)

Never take a much deduction if you just have a bit of evidence. You should make a deduction, write on your conclusion if you have much of evidences and taking it with logic. When you make deduction whereas there are no much evidences, I call it “fake”. That ‘s can’t call an hypothesis because an hypothesis is built with a clear logic :). Good conclusion is built from a logic method, logic deduction, fix background theory. All of this often call the expreimental  design. There isn’t difference whether experiment or computational. No, what I want is to talk to implement this in our life, not just when we do a research. When we face a situation that make our logic had been gone, stop it and back to think. Do we have a lot evidences? Or may be this is just our imagination? Sometime we don’ realize when our logic had been gone, and just realize it when it back, hehe. Hmm, I can say that you take a much deduction without fix evidence :). This is what I learned from my past. Okay, maybe that’s all. I’m sorry for my english, I seldom to write in english 🙂


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